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Water Less, Y'all

Pledge 2 Water No More Than Twice a Week

Water Less Y’all! Upper Trinity has enacted permanent, mandatory watering schedules of no more than 2 days a yard per week. Pledge 2 do your part to make sure there’s always enough water.
When you Pledge 2 water no more than twice a week, you will receive free swag (while supplies last) and be entered into a weekly drawing for a free sprinkler system evaluation valued at $125 (March – Sept). Three grand prize winners will receive free landscape design services and up to $500 in plants and soil products from , a nursery and garden center in Pilot Point that specializes in regionally native and adapted plant materials.
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Just 2 Will Do

Yards are tougher in Texas. Two days a week is enough to keep them healthy and pretty. Responsible hand watering of flowerpots and beds is allowed. Below are great resources and tips to help you water smart.

Water Saving Tips:

  • Avoid daytime watering. Only water before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m.
  • Sign up for weekly watering tips. emails you how much and when to water your yard.
  • Check and update your sprinklers. Check for leaks, broken heads or heads spraying patios, the street or driveways. More irrigation
  • Turn off sprinklers when its rainy or windy. Look at the forecast and turn off the irrigation system.
  • Cycle and soak. Instead of one long water session, water in a couple short cycles (5-6 minutes each) with an hour in between.
  • Add a smart controller. It automatically adjusts your sprinkler system based on weather and mandatory watering schedules. See
  • Install multi-stream and drip. Update to more efficient multi-stream heads, and use drip irrigation for flower beds, young trees and your home’s foundation.
  • Right place, right plant. to save water. Group plants with similar water needs. Compost and mulch to retain moisture.