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Water Reclamation

Wastewater is water that has been used in a home, business or industrial process.

After water has been used, it must be treated again before it is returned to the environment. Treatment is necessary to protect the health and safety of people and water ecosystems.
Upper Trinity Regional Water District’s (UTRWD’s) first mission 40 years ago was to provide water for our Denton County area. Our mission statement, however, is to prepare and provide for various utility service needs. As part of this mission, we began treating wastewater in 1999 at the Lakeview Water Reclamation Plant.
Today, we collect and treat wastewater from homes and businesses by transporting it through a network of pipes to one of our four water reclamation plants. After the wastewater is delivered to one of these plants, it goes through a multi-step physical, chemical and to remove microorganisms such as parasites and viruses and pollutants. Once treated, the water can then be returned to rivers/lakes to repeat the water use cycle.
UTRWD’s water reclamation systems includes:
  • Four water reclamation plants (Lakeview, Riverbend, Peninsula, and Doe Branch)
  • Approximately 22 miles of wastewater pipeline
  • 7 lift stations to move the wastewater to treatment
Click below to view our interactive graphic on wastewater treatment.

Good Neighbor Policy

In addition to maintaining excellent treatment, the District’s water reclamation plants are operated and maintained to be good neighbors. Odor controlling systems are installed at our plants when needed. Our certified operators monitor the treatment process continuously and are trained to respond quickly to odor issues.